The Conflict of Interest (COI) feature is configured byour Project Manager.


  • COI can be applied to all standard RQ Review processes.
  • It can be used for group-based assignments and all Reviewer/all Applicant situations
  • Once a Reviewer declares and confirms a COI, the Admin is immediately emailed about the conflict and the Reviewer is sent a confirmation email.
  • The Reviewer's scores for that Applicant are deleted (so as not to impact reporting)
  • Once the COI has been confirmed, the Reviewer can no longer access the Applicant's materials (unless the Admin reverses it)


Declaring a Conflict of Interest

  1. Click on the "Recuse Yourself" button in the right column.  The pop up box is displayed.
  2. Complete the reason for recusing yourself from the application and click Submit.
  3. The Reviewer is removed as a reviewer for the applicant with an additional button to Revert the Reviewer back.

Reverting a Reviewer Back

  1. Click on the Revert button to revert a user back as a reviewer for an applicant.