The email scheduler is not accessible by default. Please contact your Project Manager or if you require this tool to be turned on for your programs.
There is a limit of 3 emails that can be scheduled at a time.

The Email Scheduler is used to configure your existing custom emails to be scheduled to be sent at a date and time of your choosing depending on specific conditions you select.

  1. From the Admin Dashboard, select the program.
  2. Under Configure, select Schedule Emails.  Pending and Past scheduled emails are displayed, if any. 

To schedule an email:

  1. Click Add Schedule. The Email Schedule form is displayed.
  2. Add the following fields:
    1. Schedule Name: Title of the email (for your information only)
    2. Target audience: Determines who will receive the email on the date and time selected 
    3. Filter Target by Question Value:   If categories have been set up on the form, then you can filter by the subset of applicants
    4. Tags:  If your program has tags set up, then you can filter by tag
    5. cc, bcc:  Add additional people to be cc’d or bcc’d
    6. Email template:  Select a custom email template from the list
    7. Scheduled Date/Time:  Select the date/time for the email to be sent
  3. Click Submit. The scheduled email appears in the Pending Schedule section
  4. Turn on the scheduled request by toggling the Status button from Off (red) to On (green).

When the email has been sent, it will be displayed in the Past Scheduled section of the page where it will indicate how many emails were sent.

To delete a scheduled email:

  1. Click the Delete button